Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday, May 15th

It looks like I will get to run with my friend Karen this afternoon.  It is going to be really stinking hot outside but as I watch the clock on my desk at work, I can't wait until it is 3:45pm!
I am also watching the calendar - according to the Houston Marathon webpage, those of us who entered the lottery will find out between June 24th and June 27th if we have been selected.  I was lucky enough last year to get picked to run the Houston Marathon - it was my first full marathon.  I have run several half marathons which were exciting but the excitment of the Houston Marathon was different.  If you are a marathon runner, I highly recommend running the Houston Marathon.  Now, I will say this - this past January 30th, the weather was not ideal.  It was hot and humid - not at all what I had hoped for.  Next year the Houston Marathon will be held on January 15th and I am hoping for some cold weather!
I have started doing research for other marathons at the beginning of the 2012 year and I have found several that I can participate in IF I do not get in for Houston... but my fingers are crossed for Houston.
I am looking forward to the next six months of marathon training.   I was talking to one of my running friends and we began talking about the months and months of training for one race and then it is over.  So we have decided that in 2012 we are going to run 2 marathons. 
I just glanced at the clock... it is only 11:26am....


  1. Way to go running in my Virtual 5K with Karen and Amanda! Ya'll rocked it!!

  2. DUDE! What the heck?!?!!? You didn't even tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!